Friday, May 5, 2017

Past Prime

I have been taking pictures of flowers that are past prime.  It’s easy to say that this is a reflection on my own life, but that is too easy.

I am struck by how interesting they become.  Some retain their color and form.  Some change form and some change color.  Most become more interesting. 

Certainly scale has something to do with it.  Seeing them on such a large scale makes it easier to see the details and colors.  Size does matter.

I recently returned from a trip to Death Valley.  I took lots of landscape photographs (see above) in hopes of having something new with which to work.  I told myself that I was getting tired of the flowers.  However, when I got home I went right back to photographing flowers.  I worked on the landscapes but I found many of them boring.  The flowers kept drawing me back.  There was on infinite variety and the price is right.  I even brought back flowers from my trip.

I guess this is my way of saying that the flowers are here forever.  Landscapes and nudes are fine, but the flowers never get too old to photograph.