Saturday, September 7, 2013

Intimacy in Photography

The above image was taken years ago in Lermoos, Austria.  It's an image that works well in a small size, maybe 8"x8" at the largest, but totally falls apart larger.  I have long had the theory that images seek their own size.  Some work well at a variety of sizes but most have an ideal size at which they work best.

I recently came across a wonderful article by photographer David Kachel called "Ban the Bedsheets-Size Matters" where he discusses the relationship between the viewer and the print and how size matters.  There is an intimacy that exists when a fine print is viewed up close and personal.

I make work prints before I do a final print.  Frequently these work prints are 6x6 or 6x9.  While I may be satisfied when I make them larger, I am frequently struck with how magic they are in the smaller sizes.

Just some food for thought.